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Post  Ikuno on Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:05 pm

Hello Redeemers.

Unlike most of the topics, this one will be... let's say, not so happy.

I would like to remind you all, that this guild is a Team.

This is NOT a database:

It is NOT a group of guides that will let you know every single quest that is bugged or whatever.
We know many of you migth have questions and, many times, you will not get a good answer. Noone knows everything here.
But you should know that those who care, will try to help.
And if they answer things like I DONT KNOW, accept it, don't call them noobs or worthless! What is wrong with not knowing something? ...come on ¬¬ don't be so childish, guys.
Or, if they don't reply... it's ok, it's rude to ignore. But sometimes we are busy or not paying attention. It's not a deadly sin.

This is NOT a monolite for a single member:

Someone left the guild saying the next statement: "i left because the guild had nothing to offer me"
...what kind of guildmember is that?
I'm sorry, we don't look for members that want self-benefit. This is for all of us. Not just for one.

This is not a boss killing commando only:


...act like a member of a team, friendly and open-minded. We don't need "OOOH SO PRO-GAMER" or "DAMN YOUR GS IS SO HIGH" guys just to kill the hardest boss ever.


Personally, I don't care who kills Deathwing.
I don't care who has Kil'Jaeden's bow.
I don't mind who got to kill the Lich King, who slept with him, or whatever.

Be respectful and play nice. Have fun, and don't make the other's day a pain in the ass.
Such attitudes, are worthless and just contaminate the good relationships.
I will watch over them.

I believe it's not much asking.


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