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rules on guild raids Empty rules on guild raids

Post  wakeke on Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:23 pm

to all my beloved guild members, due to our guild raid organizer, leaving improperly the guild general "revzone"
i strongly implement that if he is gona make major raids and needing players inside the guild, he will need to ask permision first,
players who wants to join revzone on his major raids will need to ask permision first,

icc 25 will be organized by the guild on sunday and any major raid regardless of time and schedule and arangement.

our door is always open for "revzone" as a friend but since he left the guild improperly
he is not guild raid organizer anymore so i advice that as i talked to ikuno and other officers that permisions should sound first coz the raid on sunday is for the guild and not outside pls do say your concerns on me, ikuno wastedd xairomi and raseac.

hail to the redeemer.

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rules on guild raids Empty Re: rules on guild raids

Post  xairomi on Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:36 pm

i strongly agree that permission is needed before any guild members would join raids created outside for the usual schedule and especially from former members who would impose their will on our members. this would cause dilemma on maintaining order inside the guild..they are not anymore a factor in any decision making and surely an influence that needs to be dealt with.

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