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elgwapito wrote:RAIDS AND DUNGEONS
1. first the destination of the raid will be discussed for example Black temple, hyjal and so on. and the
officials will decide which dungeon the guild will go and who is the member who is scheduled to get
a specific loot.

2. second is making the raid. dudes guild raid is mandatory it means when a official calls for a raid or call
member to join a raid he or she must come regardless of he or she is doing, failure for a member to
participate in guild raids will affect the members performance that is recognized by the officials
that will affect the privilages of a must have a valid reason if you cant come on raid

3. 3rd is DIcipline study strictly observe order in raids follow the every command of the raid leader,
pay attention to the whole raid not just your character know what is happening to the raid, addons
and user interface will help you on observing the raid while in combat. failure to apply dicipline
in raids will affect your performance and may be fatal to the whole raid resulting into a wipe out
remember in WOW one mistake of a raid member can make the whole raid die affraid

4. THE LOOT. well this is the target of all players in raid oviously well this is the redeemers rule on loot
on epic bosses THE REDEEMER works on MASTER LOOT and the officials will decide who gets the
loot and it is based on the performance of the member on the guild and by rank.note this is one of
the privilages of a members :D

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