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This is the necessary information to develop a good acting in the Guild. The topics are divided in MEMBERS, GUILD CHAT BOX, GUILD BANK, RAIDS & DUNGEONS, and INTER-GUILD SUPPORT.
Partnership must always be present, and important decisions must be taken among the leaders, but it is fair that the rest of the members also participate as much as they can with their opinions and proposes.


GUILD LEADERS: (Guild Master – Misstress - The Royal Court)


There are many officers that will assist the leader due to our next consideration: If there is only one leader and for some reason he/she has to be absent, someone else has to take the leadership.


• Hodman
• Soldier (Registered user on forum)
• Legionaire (Show activity in game, forum, and interest in guild itself)
• Knight
• Royal Guard
• Court Advocate

To be PROMOTED, it is required to be registered in the forum AND show in the game. This means that, even if your character is level 80, if you are NOT registered user of the forum and you DON'T help other members, you will NOT be promoted to higher ranks.
This will be checked in two ways:

1. Member registration in forum and activity in it is showed in the "Memberlist" tab and everyone can see it to prove they have been present or not. Besides, everytime a member registers in this website, some officers will receive an e-mail. This way they can track activity.

2. In game, officers will watch the chat and the activity that takes place between the members.

To be PROMOTED to HIGHER RANKS players must gain trust, become friendly partners, and this will be decided by leaders.

Only The Royal Court will be able to control the ranks. It is supposed that the officers know the rules up and down and the requirements for a member to gain the next rank, so they will be the ones deciding how far you will get. It’s a long way to the top!


According to the timelines, many of members log in at different daytimes.
We suggest it's a good idea to sub-divide the Guild in 2 squads.
This should keep the Guild Active for longer time periods.
Each Group will have an Emissary who will be in charge of keeping the contact among the members of his dependance, and usually should have a rank above Legionaire so he can invite people and is proved to have good activity inside of The Redeemer.

The Groups are:

Bloodseekers: 13 hs. - 00 hs. Server time

Headhunters: 01 hs. - 12 hs. Server time

The word "Bloodseeker" or "Headhunter" will appear on your officer's note, so check regularly to see in which group you are in.

Emissaries will be announced by The Royal Court.

We consider that dividing the whole guild in 2 sub-teams will allow to a better organization so we can arrange 2 important raids instead of just one per day, for example.

Considering the need of being good partners to develop a positive acting in the guild, we consider some tips to have in mind:

• Be polite. Don't be rude.
• When someone asks you something, let them know you are paying attention, don't ignore partners. Answer questions please.
• Ask for invitation and later invite. Speak, communication matters.
• Act friendly, don't give orders unless you are leading the group.
• If you are in party, don't expect the others to do all the job.
• It is not bad to ask for help, but remember that the others may have something to do as well. Noone is noone's servant. If someone can and is free to help, don't worry, you will get a hand. The only ones that can order you to assist are the officers.
• Remember good modals are not hard and they don't take much of your valious time.

RESPECT in the family: It is remarkable to have a good attitude among the other players, specially if they are in your own guild.
We beg you not to insult hard, PLEASE be friendly and DON’T underestimate your equals.
It applies for the higher rank members too. It makes no difference if you have played for 3 years or 3 days.
A Soldier is not far better than a Hodman, and certainly being a Court Advocate doesn’t make you better person than a lower rank. So careful with your fast typing!
Mutual respect HAS to be shown also among the officers themselves. We cannot expect others to follow us if we are not the good example.

PROFESSIONS: Officers will try to get all the professions in-game to help the other guild mates. It is a requirement for us to give our best to help you with materials and crafted enchants or items to boost you redeemers.


Definitely, not a topic to talk about in the Guild Chat as a matter of importance. We ask you please, try not to bring this conversation in the group chat often, as it could be a reason for intimidation for low GS players, or other that just don’t care, nor like to talk about it.
We decided that the GearScore issue will be only necessary when going into an Icecrown Citadel (ICC) instance OR you can talk about it in Whisper or Party chat ONLY. REMEMBER: GearScore is a delicate topic.
It DOES NOT show how good player you are, nor your potential to improve.
It IS NOT a requirement for entering the guild or talking with us.
Sadly, it is sort of a discrimination way :S

To help low GS members to improve, the guild members will invite you for EoT farming or RDF.

Members are asked to register in The Redeemer forum for better information.

Though it is not a “kicking reason” when members don’t register themselves, it is considered to be better for communication and to read latest Guild News.

The registration includes: modifying the profile, and try to use the Main Character’s nickname to be more recognizable for the rest.

To be a MODERATOR of the forum, members must gain trust of leaders and show compromise with the team.

Important planned events will be announced to members through Private Messages in the forum.

There may be some of the members who earn the trust of the masters and become Officers, but that will be decided by the actual Royal Court.

To ASSIST a Master or an Officer is priority.

Higher rank members will do great in assisting lower ones to complete quests in which they have difficulties or even dungeons to loot better gear.

Always try to help other partners.


1. Offline for more than 1 month without giving an appropiated reason. (Except alternative characters)

2. Not participating in the guild organization for one month: always online, BUT
not participating, never have talked in guild chat with other members, never active.

3. Scamming and harrasing other guild members, abuse at the Guild bank, hacking (any kind), bug, etc.

Otherwise, it will be a decision between the officers if they notice an attitude that is creating disorder in the guild, to remove someone.

If officers know about any of this cases, kick will be inminent.


It is asked to speak English because it is the common language between most of the members. If somebody doesn’t speak English, he/she can ask someone to translate.
Every member is welcome to participate in chat, regardless of the topic the others may be talking about.



• Hodman: 1º Tab only
• Soldier: 2º Tab
• Legionaire: 2º Tab
• Knight: 3º Tab
• Royal Guard: 4º Tab
• Court Advocate: 4º Tab
• Master, Mistress, The Royal Court: 5º Tab


- DON’T keep in Guild Bank things like Reagents you can buy at Reagent Vendor or thrash items (gray name). If you don’t have the gold to buy from a Vendor, there may be somebody else who lend you the money or the item, but please don’t waste Guild Bank slots.
- Reagents you may put in Guild Bank are those you get by looting from mobs, raids and environment (like clothes, minerals, herbs, leather, essences, pearls, spider silk, etc.).
- STACK identical items in one same slot instead of putting them separated: SPACE IS IMPORTANT.
- DON’T mix things from one Tab to other where it doesn’t belong.
- Members are NOT obligated to deposit gold, but it’s a kindness from them to do so. What members do with their gold is their own business.
- If you find a useful item you don’t need, remember somebody else could need it. Crafted items also count.
- You can ask a higher rank member to give you something from a tab you cannot see.
- If you see disorder in Guild Bank, you are welcome to put things in their place.


RAID ORGANIZERS: It is impossible to count only with ONE raid organizer. Any member of the guild that has some knowledge and needs to farm OR is willing to help other members can perfectly organize a group for an instance.
TIP: Those parties/raids organized by officers are priority above others.

PROPER ATTITUDE: A few points to remark:
Inspections and tactics will be given by the leader of the party BEFORE the raid begins. ALWAYS go behind the tank. If you believe someone in the party can make a better job, please say it as a Suggestion.
DON’T CALL OTHERS “NOOB” Specially in instances that take long time to grasp like ICC. This could demoralize some players and create a bad clima.
PAY ATTENTION during the instance, Try not to ask many times what has already been told. We don’t want to slow the raid just because someone is not paying attention.

Raid Organizers will often schedule for an instance. If you arrange to be there in the raid, PLEASE try to be punctual. Terms will be PUNCTUALITY or REPLACE. Fair and square. If you are scheduled and for some reason you are not going to be able, please try to tell the Raid Organizer beforehand: here in forum, in PM, Mailbox in game, etc.

Another important point will be the Feedback. If someone goes into your party for an instance, the correct thing will be helping them in their raid next time when they ask.


We have been told from a guild to let them know when we need help for anything, and at the same time we must repay their help. This guild is WE ARE ONE.
Have in mind we can be guilds helping each other. Please, if you are free to help them, go do it… and if you know a member of these guild that we might need, ask respectfully if they can come.

Before the remake of The Redeemer in this server, we were sheltered and helped by members of the guild which is now called We Are One. For this friendly hand, we are grateful and must be respectful.

Any doubts, questions or suggestions members may have, they can register and write with no worries. Our community tries to be mind-opened and will consider what they have to say. The rest of the members, especially leaders, will do their best to answer and help.
Thank you.

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Specially the new members

I've noticed a big part of the guild members are from Philipines.
I am perfect with that. I like all of you guys.

but you PLEASE have to understand that here, we have people from many countries.

This is NOT a purely FILIPINO guild.

Original Royal Court of The Redeemer was formed by people from Philipines, Argentina, Romania and Poland.

Thats why we all speak english.

Please, stick to the rules. I don't want to kcik anyone so soon...



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Post  Ikuno on Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:52 pm

Guild Rules updated successfuly...
the thread remains open for further suggestions until next update.


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